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Diamond quilting is a well-known pattern in high fashion. It represents chicness, elegant and luxury. Chanel has been using diamond quilting successfully for decades. And now Prada is implementing this famous pattern into their handbags. Simply inserting the quilting is very easy, but that’s not what Prada wants. They want to create something different, something that represents their brand, which is impeccable quality. So they introduced the Quilted Fabric for the Fall 2017 Collection.

The first time Prada tried the Quilted Fabric was on a smaller tote bag. They successfully created the quilted pattern with double stitching, which is what you also see on this new tote bag. Fabric might not feel luxurious like leather, but the material is 100 times stronger, easy to maintain and hard to get damage. This shopping bag has a luxurious feel because of the quilted pattern, but at the same time you won’t need to worry about babying it, which makes it perfect to carry as an everyday bag. The long handles are designed to carry on your shoulder and it features the classic triangle Prada logo on the front.

The interior is roomy as well; it comes with two inside pockets including one with zipper closure. There is also one large compartment to keep your essentials safe and sound. Measuring 13.7 x 10.6 x 6.1 cm, priced at $1170 USD, €950 euro, £820 GBP, $1390 CAD, via Prada boutiques.






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3.1 Phillip Lim Field Tote

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Love the 31 Hour tote? Then you’ll probably love Phillip Lim’s newest addition to the family, thanks to its similar shape. Simply known as the Field Tote, it’s finished in an over-washed denim; think of your favourite pair of jeans washed a million times that’s been reassembled into a functional tote bag.

Why functional, you ask? Well, for one, the bag comes with dual straps of different lengths for you to tote or hang over your shoulder when you need your hands free. Then there’s the external zip pocket that’s perfect for all your bits and bobs, and finally, the tote’s so roomy (70 cm at its widest point by 28 cm in height) you can use it at the gym, do grocery shopping and hide your baby in. All at once.

Opening and closing via polished snap closures, it’s also a bag that you don’t have to fuss over, since it is already distressed looking to begin with, and pretty much maintenance free as well. Its no-frills vibes will complement most anything you wear, and it would work great whether you’re a boy or a girl. Priced at USD550 and available online via 3.1 Phillip Lim, the good news is they also now accept Paypal which makes online shopping so much easier, don’t you think?

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Prada Tote Bags are made to be loved and today we’re going to introduce another stunning beauty. Simply put, Prada Bags are impeccable in quality, thus easy to maintain, their bags are worth every penny.

This new Prada Bag is crafted in a boxy shape. It’s made from calf grainy leather and feels so strong that you can use it for decades without breaking apart. The color stark black has always been the best choice, mixed with the Prada Milano logo in the center.

The Prada Boxy Tote Bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap for the most convenient, like freeing your hands. Its big enough to use for work, weekends and even for casual days. You can tote your tablet, small laptop, wallet and your phone away.

The interior also features a detachable pouch, including an internal zipped and slot pockets. Measuring 9.5’ x 12’ x 5.5’ inches, priced at $1510 USD, €1300 euro, £1010 GBP, $2200 SGD, $11700 HKD via MyTheresa.



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Burberry Prorsum Metallic Leather Tote

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burbery_prorsum_metallic-leather-toteIf I had to pick just one colour from the trio of hues from S/S13’s line-up of metallic leather totes from Burberry Prorsum, it would have to be this one in Metallic Petrol Blue. Measuring 40 cm across by 42 cm in height, the calf leather tote is laminated with a layer of foil, naturally explaining the metallic sheen that while bright, isn’t blinding, which can only be a good thing.

Besides being a great bag to carry around especially in the dark of night (I’m pretty sure it’s reflective too, no?), the fact that it comes with a large zip pocket and 3 rooomy-esque patch pockets on the inside can only be a bonus, especially for those with organisational issues.

And for those wanting something a tad more ‘eye-catching’, it also comes in Metallic Cowslip (a nice summery yellow) and Metallic Blue (which is simply, well, blue). As for myself, I’m sticking to the one in Metallic Petrol Blue, which reminds me of the colour of the sea, mint ice cream and greenbacks. All good, if you ask me.

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Replica Prada Madras Bag new series, but now there are a lot of stars back to this matter. Such as Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, and so on. The entire series about three minutes so the picture style, but the color choices will be even greater. Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller left the back of the bird are Prada Madras Top Handle Flap Tote Bag red section. Prada Madras Top Handle Flap Tote Bag. The series flagship models, Prada 2014 autumn and winter series less static bags Logo design, so luxurious materials and innovative designs speak. Handbag, shoulder bag, sheepskin, crocodile skin and long, square, etc. with a variety of design and material selection for the whole series more attractive. Bags for all occasions how can we not impressive? United States Prada bags autumn and winter series includes an elongated square handbag shoulder bag and the two types of single product, both red, purple, orange and other bright colors, there are silver, black, gray and other neutral colors. Compared to the previous iconic bag, the series on the straps and buckles are made innovations by metal chain and leather shoulder strap combinations thereof, Twill decorative design package to ensure the safety of both surface package goods, but also with symmetrical geometric beauty to attract our attention.

Replica Prada brand from Italy’s fashion capital Milan, each series is full of exciting and unexpected elements, classic and always keep themselves in the face of ever changing maturity trend has been the eternal love of the world, classic the inverted triangle logo is much celebrity luxury. Prada Saffiano Leather package added a new classic –Twin bags, double handle handbags, fine metal parts, metal triangle cortex word LOGO, with a leather lining, a total of three internal compartments, including two mezzanine with zipper. UK Prada Saffiano Leather package added a new classic –Twin bags, double handle handbags, fine metal parts, metal word triangle cortex Logo, with a leather lining, a total of three internal compartments, including two mezzanine with zipper. Prada’s LOGO is very low-key, simple inverted triangle logo made of metal, says PRADA, MILANO and 1913, very simply explained the history of the brand. Prada’s most famous style is nylon bag commuter bag, this is a very special nylon parachute material, heat another toughness, thick and textured, not out dozens of pieces of imitation goods comparable. Style Description: completely new name of the 2012 autumn and winter series, that put the bag into the leopard is Prada would not recognize you, this type also are too old-fashioned. In this environment of domestic purchases, if everyone on this new design are not familiar with the new pattern, it is considered to be the possibility of a cottage pretty big bag. After all, animal patterns already noticeable texture is not easy, plus they are relatively high degree of imitation Prada.

Replica Prada Handbags

Time flies, timeless. Prada conservative and elegant performance characteristics of the new Galleria series bags. This new series of bags to Milan’s first historic facade shop named, in addition to the continuation of the classic contour shape, it is more daring with fashion hit color seal. Prada bag with bright colors and sometimes gives surprises, prada handbags if you think that only a few colors so classic, you’re wrong, bright yellow color, dazzling and warm body bag pattern is Winnie has been wearing a cute little panties, this bag is the swimming section of the Olympic family, it is people are not happy. Coupled with a pale yellow background Bear pattern, to add to the already numerous city a beautiful landscape, very graceful.

Replica Prada Handbags

The new Ms. calfskin Replica prada Hobo bag two color selection. Sometimes, it is precisely this pure was more breathtaking. By chance, or flying the red flag on one side of the square, or the corner of one flower girls jacket, arouse our desire for more color to the world moving. That summer sea breeze, had passed, with the windmills and the call of the waves whisper, of course, seagulls chirping, had passed that summer breeze. Summer passed, we will diligently and eyes to enjoy the winter it, the United States is unique in every season, are fascinating. Brand: Prada Material: soft calfskin handbag belt length: 19cm, zipper cap, built-in multi-function pocket, cell phone pocket, open pocket, etc., classic gold logo design, the bag size: 31cm (width) * 27cm (height) * 13cm (depth), Italy, for the crowd: ladies. Prada brand from Italy’s fashion capital Milan, each series is full of exciting and unexpected elements, classic and always keep themselves in the face of ever changing maturity trend has been the eternal love of the world, classic the inverted triangle logo is much celebrity luxury.

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Saint Laurent Replica Shopper Tote

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This is the first review I received for the new Saint Laurent replica Shopper (or Shopping) tote, a bag that can’t be found on too many replica sites right now.

Saint Laurent Replica Shopping Tote From

A friend of mine really wanted this YSL replica bag and she could only find it on which unfortunately didn’t turn out to be a very satisfying experience.

The design of this Saint Laurent bag is quite simple, so you would think that a replica couldn’t possibly bad even if they tried! Still, don’t forget that even when it comes to replica bags, the leather and the small details such as the stamps or the logo engravings on the hardware can make all the difference in the world.

And this is exactly why this Saint Laurent replica Shopper tote isn’t a great replica. My friend pointed out the most important flaws in her review, so here it is:

“Hi Eva

I want to get myself a more simple tote that I can use as my everyday bag! I am still thinking should I order from ioffer!

Because there is two sellers sell it in different price, which is usd200 and the other one sell it in usd250.
Both of them have lots of reviews, one has 20000+reviews and the other has 5000reviews,but as I know some people buy the good reviews and pretend a buyer to give them-own-self a good review to be more convince and attract buyers
They said they both from China so it will deliver in a week.

This time I come with my Saint Laurent shopper reviews and want some of your advices 
And this email is gonna be a quite long one, hope don’t mind and thank you for reading

I finally got the YSL shopper yesterday and here comes with some photos of the bag. The bag doesn’t look exactly like the photos it shows tho, the photos on the website shows the bag shape more firmly, the leather should be a bit shiny.

But when it comes to the bag doesn’t look that firm, smells very strong and it’s not like the leather smell from my other replica celine tie bag.

Also I expected the size should be larger as I ordered the large size but it just look medium in real.

There is some very obvious flaws too:
The logo is kinda obvious to tell it’s a knockoff, as u can see that the spelling on the letter U is even blurry.
Also the pouch come with is kinda obvious too, the name on it is just too big.

But overall it’s still acceptable as it’s not a very catchy one but if u ask me again, I might probably not willing to spend usd200 on it as it doesn’t look that well made tho.
Alright,I think I need to hang the bag somewhere for a few days before I use it as it does smell too strong.”

Saint Laurent Replica Shopper Tote Pouch and Metal YSL Logo

Saint Laurent Replica Shopper Tote – Leather Pouch And YSL Logo

Saint Laurent Replica Shopper Tote Logo Stamp

Saint Laurent Replica Shopper Tote Logo Zoom

As you can see, this Saint Laurent replica Shopping Tote doesn’t look great. But my friend also raised a very important matter about and other sites as well. I’ll say this again: is to be avoided when it comes to replica bags, even when the seller has lots of positive reviews that may or may not be fabricated. The only exception would be a seller you’ve bought from before or a seller that someone you trust has recommended.

And here is my friend’s feedback after she after she started using the bag:

“About the Saint Laurent shopper, I already started using it from last week, the day after I received.
I have to say it’s not a very good quality one but luckily the design of the bag is very simple, so I can at least using it without worry people pays too much attention on my bag tho

So it was a very good lesson that shouldn’t try ioffer again,I mean there’s some nice seller out there but not sure if we are lucky enough to order from any of them.”

Yeah, that’s exactly the problem…you have to be lucky enough to get a good replica. And I don’t like taking risks like this when it comes to replica bags and my hard-earned money and I’m sure neither do you.

What do you girls think about this fake Saint Laurent bag and about Have you ever tried this site?

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