Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

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Yves Saint Laurent just introduced probably the boldest design of stiletto heels ever. The luxury brand released a completely unexpected new product, that got mixed reactions. The high-heeled roller skate stilettos are definitely a brave and daring product that is one of the most challenging ones so far. They are a part of the new Autumn/Winter collection of the French fashion house and are available in stores.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

Anthony Vaccarello is the new creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, appointed just last year. He is the same designer that signed on these heels. Vaccarello is known for his ultra-feminine designs and bold decisions. The shoes have a very fun design that features a heel higher than 3 inches. They have three roller skate wheels attached at the bottom, one placed on the heel, and the other two at the front of the shoe platform. Right between the front two wheels, there is a kick-stop brake. The patterns of the shoes are as fun as the design. They are reportedly called the Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller and are available in five different designs.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled StilettosYves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

This is not the first time that the luxury brand and Anthony have presented a shoe inspired by roller skates. The brand has already released roller skate hybrid sneakers that also featured wheels. That design was most certainly daring, but the heels are a whole new dimension. The rolling sneakers were sold at $1,195. The roller skate stilettos were already teased in a campaign earlier this year in February. The ad campaign itself raised a lot of controversies and was categorized as sexist. But honestly, this type of shoe doesn’t even need an advertisement.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

So the question is, are these heels wearable and safe? Even thinking about walking on high-heels makes our feet hurt, now imagine rolling on them. It doesn’t sound like the best idea, but fashion is not about comfort anymore. There probably won’t be that many brave women to wear them, but there will be a lot of brave ones to buy them.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

This daring stilettos will cost between $2,000 and $3,000, which is on the very high end of the budget. If you are a huge Saint Laurent fan that can’t resist buying the most iconic pieces, then you should definitely buy a pair.

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Saint Laurent Fall 2017 Sac de Jour Souple

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There are just two things we love to do after unboxing a leather bag bought new from the store. One, of course, is to deeply inhale the scent of fresh leather, and the other is, well, hugging the bag and telling it how much you love it. And because you can’t really do the latter to most leather bags that are stiff, with Saint Laurent’s new season Sac de Jour Souple bags you can.

From the current Fall 2017 collection (and an extension from last season’s introduction), what differentiates the Sac de Jour Souple from its older sister is its softer leather construction that gives it a more relaxed look without the bag losing its signature shape that we’ve all come to know and love. How to tell the two apart? The Sac de Jour Souple has extra studs on either side of the tabs on the front and back, which is absent on the classic Sac de Jour. And of course when you pick it up and actually get cosy with it, you’ll have no issues telling either apart.


Available in 2 sizes for the ladies, the Nano Sac de Jour Souple (SGD2900) and Small Sac de Jour Souple (SGD4820) come in at 22 cm by 18cm and 32 cm by 25cm respectively, with a noticeable size difference between the two. As far as colours are concerned, you’ll find the Nano in Dark Rose, Metallic Silver and Rose, while the Small comes in Burgundy, Shiny Black and Taupe, so there’s definitely something for everyone. And by everyone, we mean for the boys as well. Read on.


There’s the North/South Tote which comes in a black grained leather measuring 39 cm across by 35 cm tall. Unzipping the top zip leads to a single roomy interior that you can keep all your daily essentials, including your workout gear, within this all-in-one everyday tote. For guys who prefer something that looks more like the traditional Sac de Jour, there’s also a Large (40 cm by 30cm) in black croc-embossed leather (SGD5200) that’s given the Souple treatment in all its relaxed glory.

Now in stores at Saint Laurent boutiques in Singapore, these bags are quite honestly the ‘best of both worlds’ combined. Sharp, yet sensible, roomy, yet relaxed. What more can you ask for? And who doesn’t love a bag that she (or he) can squish?

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A tough-looking bag, this Saint Laurent Y Quilted Lou Lou Shoulder Bag is perfect for days when you want to toughen up your feminine ensembles.

This sleek and stylish bag can be mixed and matched over your flirty dresses, jeans and shirt, or over your modish shorts. Made from lamb and metalasse leather with a graphic effect, this one is ultra plush and stylish that it seems impossible to be leaving this gem at your house.

For those who have a keen sense for details, you’ll notice that this bag quite resembles a camera bag and that it is sporting the new and modern ‘Y’ quilting. The new ‘Y’ quilting has just been introduced and its could be the next iconic signature quilting for the YSL brand.

Aside from its undeniable chicness, we are also in love with its adjustable chain strap as you can easily transition it from being a shoulder to a cross-body bag. Looking inside, it has an internal zipped and slot pockets. It also has a zipped top for an added sense of security.

Measuring 6” x 8.5” x 4” inches and is priced at $1550 USD, €1290 euro, $12500 HKD, $1810 AUD, ¥175000 JPY




Saint Laurent Lou Lou Bag

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The Saint Laurent Small Flat Monogram Shoulder Bag is a perfect go-to crossbody bag for the busy cosmopolitan woman. With its high quality calf leather, this softly structured body bag can be worn by the hand or cross body whichever way you prefer it.

With its black ensemble paired with golden colored metallic pieces, this one is an ideal signature everyday bag whether you pair it with your monochromatic, floral, or printed ensembles. If you look closer, you’ll notice that the Saint Laurent logo is located on the upper part and the YSL logo hangs casually on the zipper.

Looking inside, it has fabric lining, internal slot pockets, and card slots for easy organization. Measuring 6.5” x 9.5” x 1” (H x W x D) inches and is priced $995 USD, €930 euro, $7500 HKD, $1120 AUD, ¥95000 JPY via MyTheresa.




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Let’s say that I am a fashion designer and I love putting together with the use of different leathers, and colors, an inspiration bag that I WANT the public to love. If I design a bag, then it’s a bag. Just that, a plain bag that flew out of my fantasy.

But if I decide to design a bag that is based on something, which has a long and rich history, then we’ve got a bag worth bragging about. It has a fairytale story.

The Saint Laurent Moujik Tote looks very much like the Muse 2 Tote. I mean, they are ‘very’ similar, like siblings – brother and sister.

The main difference is the round-shaped closure on the center, Moujik doesn’t have that, it’s just streamlined.

Let’s first get back to my original story. You see, the name Moujik didn’t just fall from the sky. It has a meaning, a story – ripped from the history book.

The French president Jacques Chirac awarded Saint Laurent the rank of ‘Commander of the Légion d’Honneur’ in 2001. And in 2002, Saint Laurent decided to retire, but somehow he became reclusive – avoiding other people and he was becoming a bit isolated.

He was living in his homes in Normandy and Morocco, together with his French bulldog named Moujik. Now you know the little story behind the name of this tote.

But anyways, while the Saint Laurent Muse was a more kind-of slouchy bag, very flexible, the Moujik tote is much harder, but it holds much better shape.

The designer removed a lot of complex component, making it timeless, classic and simple. Of course, you will only find out the sophistication in the craftsmanship and the details, but I do like the new lock that has been embellished and the padlock. This is the Muse 2 modernized.

Signature has been crafted in the front flap, it comes with a removable shoulder strap. Made from calfskin and the padlock can be removed if you think it’s annoying. Measuring 31 x 24 x 14 cm, pre-order at Saint Laurent e-store or at their boutique.






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Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 6

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saint_laurent_classic-duffle-6Launched today (or was it yesterday) was the Fall-Winter 2013 Saint Laurent ad campaign, presented via a video with moving stills that slide to reveal the campaign’s story. But this post isn’t exactly about that (or how this season’s campaign model Cara Delevingne looks remarkably stoned in it for some reason).

No, this post is about a new bag size that should have most of you with a weakness for all things miniaturised smiling with glee. Ever since its launch, the Classic Duffle (in sizes 48, 24 and 12) has been doing well, and perhaps taking the lead from other designer labels shrinking their best-sellers, the Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 6 should do very well come F/W13.

Measuring a wee 30 cm across by 27 cm, the Classic Duffle 6 is an exact clone of its bigger siblings, with the same gorgeously luxe suede interior, double zip closure, brass feet, as well as the option of carrying it via its shoulder sling, plus a little key ring pouch that’s a great little extra.

Available in 12 different hues (yes, Hedi’s going to be make it really hard to just pick one) and priced at SGD2500 (HKD15,500) each, they should already be in boutiques to torment and tease.

And don’t forget tcheck out the campaign video here, starring Cara Delevingne and DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith.

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