Givenchy Fall 2017 Infinity Collection

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‘To Infinity and Beyond’ was first thing that came to mind when I was introduced to Givenchy’s new collection of bags (sorry, couldn’t help myself), but if you think about it, it couldn’t be more apt in describing the Infinity chain detail that seems to go on and on on almost every piece. This Givenchy signature has been featured on a wide (almost infinite, if you must) range of RTW, bags and accessories. And for Fall 2017, the Parisian label has taken this chain detail a step further with the all-new Infinity handbag collection, which also happens to be Riccardo Tisci’s swan song design for the House.

And as of this week, 3 different styles from this collection will be available in Singapore. First up, there’s the Infinity Bucket, a generously shaped tote that comes with a long shoulder strap. Sitting most comfortably on the shoulder (which I think is due to the weighted bottom that’s detailed with the Infinity chain), it won’t accidentally slip off like most other bags will. Fill the Bucket as much as you like, which not only makes it look better, but it just also means those who feel the need to lug everything around (yes, even their kitchen sink) can do it most stylishly with this gorgeous number.


Next, there’s the Infinity Hobo, another tote that’s slightly squarish but still packing enough curves. Perfect for work thanks to its generous size that is sure to fit your everyday work essentials, it comes with a top-handle that’s all great to grab-and-go. Crafted out of soft leather with the Infinitychain detailing on the top handle, there are 2 sizes to choose from, each coming with an extra zippered leather pouch that’s also usefully detachable.


Rounding out the trio is the Infinity Flap, a compact and classic number that you can carry three ways. Sling it across your body, wear it over the shoulder, or just remove the sling completely and use it as a clutch. Featuring a lock clasp that’s hidden beneath the flap, it’s the perfect day-to-night bag, provided of course you’re just shopping in the day and partying through the night.

Available at Givenchy Marina Bay Sands and Paragon now, here comes the most important bit. The Bucket and Flap will retail for SGD2990 and SGD2590 respectively, while the Hobo, which comes in 2 sizes, sells for SGD3150 (Medium) and SGD2790 (Small). No unsightly monograms, no large logos, just the simplest of detailing coupled with functional good design. And even if I’m wrong, I’m guessing there’s another reason why they are called Infinity. Because they are bags designed to be used day in and day out for a really long, long time.

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Purseonals: Givenchy Antigona

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When you’re into fashion, everything needs to be flawless – from the shoes to the dress and all the way to the make-up bag. But sometimes it’s easy to store your cosmetics in a simple bag and leave it like that. Then again, a make-up bag is a one-time purchase and forever, why not pick the best of the best?

So we take you to one of our favorite brands – Givenchy. And we introduce to you a piece from the latest Shark Collection. It’s a minimalistic make-up bag, but the size and the craftsmanship are sufficient enough to say ‘yes’.

Crafted from lambskin, the brand’s logo is printed on the front top. It features a zipper pull that’s attached to the famous Shark Tooth. The interior comes with one internal patch pocket, measuring 12.5 cm x 17 cm x 7 cm (H x W x D), priced at $540 USD or €350 euro.




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Looking for a purse that spells femininity all over it but without going overboard? Well, look no further as Givenchy’s Galuchat Pandora Box is just the perfect bag accessory for that no-frills Saturday movie date with your special someone or Sunday wine and cheese moment with your city girl friends. One that perfectly complements your outfit without stealing your overall style, this bag just screams elegance and sophistication in all angles. Made from smooth leather with a chain link shoulder strap, who wouldn’t love to brag this bag as you stroll along the busy streets in your chic ensemble?

Okay, let me give you the most basic lowdown about this sleek bag: It has a fold-over flap top with push-lock closure that is ideal for easy access whenever you need to grab your car key or smartphone. It also has a dimension of 7”W x 6.25” H x 4”D, an ideal size to stow your essentials such as wallet, keys, phone, lipstick, and even your small-sized perfume. Oh, did we forget to mention that it comes in a lovable and delightful old rose tone? Yes, say hello to girly girl feelings whenever you use this compact bag! Priced at 4245 euro via Elyse Walker.



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The Givenchy Game

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Play the fashion game right and learn about all the Givenchy bags that should be on your radar this season!

Thus far, PurseBop has shared some great tools and advice to help you battle the changing weather in the chicest way possible. In a Vogue September issue feature, we broke down the latest trends for Fall bags. We’ve seen some bold looks including boxy bags, fringe, and even animal print. Givenchy, as a brand, has always hit the mark on bold and edgy, but with distinct touch of feminine sophistication. If you’re a Givenchy girl or just now exploring the brand, see what standout pieces from Givenchy will revolutionize your wardrobe this season and quickly become classics in your collection too!







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The Icon

The Givenchy Antigona is the fashion house’s most popular bag and rightfully holds its position as a crowd winner season after season. The Antigona has a simple silhouette but effortlessly elevates any ensemble. Givenchy’s Antigona continues to be a standout for this season because of its structured look and clean, angular lines. The tote handles along with the detachable strap make it a truly versatile piece.

Givenchy Antigona Mini $1,750 via Saks 5th Avenue

Givenchy Antigona Small $2,095 via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Antigona Medium $2,295 via Barneys


Cool and Classic

The Givenchy Nightingale is another brand favorite because of its classic shape, but modern vibe. It has been recently redesigned and is significantly more streamlined than the previous versions. The Nightingale is a highlight for this year too because of its structured shape even though it is not strictly boxy. In bigger sizes, it gives off a more casual, luggage like aesthetic.

Givenchy Nightingale Micro $1,790 via Bergdorf Goodman

Givenchy Nightingale Small $2,190 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Givenchy Nightingale Medium $2,450 via Neiman Marcus


Structured Mini

The Givenchy Pandora Box bag hits on almost every one of our top trends for fall: structured, mini, bold chain, and top-handle! Despite the mini size, the rigidity allows more room for items without becoming misshapen – sorry no overstuffing though!

Givenchy Pandora Box Mini Cross Body $1,995 via Barneys


Top Handle Charm

As mentioned before, top-handles are making a huge appearance this season. Big handles add a chic professional look to your bag, and in general, add interesting lines to the silhouette. Givenchy experiments with top handles in several of their styles.

Givenchy Shark Top Satchel Bag $2,190 via Bergdorf Goodman

Obsedia Top Handle Satchel Bag $2,790 via Neiman Marcus

Pandora Small Calf Bag $2,250 via Neiman Marcus


The Almighty WOC

Givenchy’s Wallet on Chain will become your go-to accessory throughout the year. It is sleek and has a simple rectangular shape making it easy to carry anywhere. The bold metal chain adds bonus points.

Visit PurseBop’s Wallet on Chain guide and compare Givenchy’s WOC to your other favorites

Givenchy Pandora Chain Strap Wallet $1,195 via Barneys


Fall FUN

The Givenchy Triangle Wristlet is a celebrity favorite toted by Beyonce and Rihanna. When it’s not filled, the triangle wristlet takes structure to a whole new level. However, with items it turns into a quirky, casual accessory. Above all, Givenchy says it’s ok to EXPERIMENT! Check out their other eccentric bags for this season too.

Givenchy Triangle Wristlet $850 via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Small Antigona Rottweiler Tote $995 via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Nylon Peacock Feather Print Backpack $1,320 via Neiman Marcus


After these Givenchy highlights, do you feel like you’re set for fall yet?!

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Givenchy Embossed-Croc Large Shark

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givenchy_embossed-croc-large-sharkNot be confused with the Obsedia (which it kinda looks like), or even the Antigona Envelope Clutch that has almost the same austere lines, here’s another bag from Givenchy that’s more a workhorse of a briefcase than say, a pretty shoulder sling.

Known simply as the Shark, which I believe is a reference to its signature shark toothed-shaped twist lock clasp, this one in Large measures some 46 cm across by 30 cm in height, ample enough for say, a MacBook, work files and then some. Not offered with the option of a shoulder sling (a small nay in my books), you carry it either in your hand or over the shoulder, with a drop of almost 20 cm more than enough even to fit the thickest of shoulders.

Lined in suede with 3 sizeable pockets for all your bits and bobs, this one, in croc-embossed leather is also my favourite and retails for GBP1690. Now available online via Net-A-Porter, you could also consider the one in Medium (39 cm by 27 cm) in white croc-embossed leather (GBP1590). The ones in this size also come with the shoulder sling, which is an added bonus. Or just consider the medium one in plain black leather which is the same in terms of the size (and the added sling) as the former but sells for just GBP1350.

In other words, if you’re looking for a reasonably-sized (or much larger) workhorse,this is one bag you should add to your wish list.

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