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Anna Ewers stars in Colcci's spring-summer 2018 campaignAnna Ewers stars in Colcci's spring-summer 2018 campaign

Leading model Anna Ewers returns as the face of Brazilian brand Colcci's spring-summer 2018 campaign. Captured by Giampaolo Sgura, the blonde beauty joins male model Francisco Lachowskifor the sun-drenched images. The pair pose in a beach house wearing denim looks as well as other casual staples. Stylist Daniel Ueda makes sure Anna shines in embroidered blouses, suede boots and floral prints.


Anna Ewers poses in beach-inspired looks for Colcci's spring-summer 2018 campaignAnna Ewers poses in beach-inspired looks for Colcci's spring-summer 2018 campaignColcci features denim looks in its spring-summer 2018 campaignColcci features denim looks in its spring-summer 2018 campaignAnna Ewers wears an embroidered blouse and denim shorts in Colcci's spring-summer 2018 campaignAnna Ewers wears an embroidered blouse and denim shorts in Colcci's spring-summer 2018 campaign

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Prada 2017 Trick Keychains

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Hands up if you remember Prada’s beloved Edward? In case you forgot, he’s the blanked face robot that came in a Saffiano-wrapped body and electrical cables for limbs that stole our hearts when he first came out back in 2009. Edward is no ordinary robot though; he is actually a bag charm/keychain that comes with his own steel hook and split ring, and over time, has become one of Prada’s most unlikely icons yet.

And because it has reached icon status, Prada’s Trick keychains now extend to a family of colourful robots whom have joined Edward, with equally adorable names like Robin, Romeo and a girl robot named Giulietta, amongst others. Standing slightly taller than their older brother Edward (14 cm), these all-new Trick keychains range between 18 cm and 19 cm long with even brighter and bolder colours (and even more metallic hardware).

An adorable keychain that also looks good on your pouches and totes as a bag charm, you can even hook them all together as a little family of robots, because #moreismore. Available at all Prada boutiques islandwide, these new ones are retailing at SGD610 each, while Edward (which is the OG as far as the Trick is concerned) is priced at SGD430. And something to note, whoever said fashion is a bad investment should know that Edward was retailing for just SGD140 back in 2009. Really.

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J. Crew Denim Chore Jacket with Patch Pockets, Button-Back Striped Peplum Top and 3” Stretch Chino ShortJ. Crew Denim Chore Jacket with Patch Pockets, Button-Back Striped Peplum Top and 3” Stretch Chino Short

Settle into the pre-fall season with everyday pieces from J. Crew. With a recent style guide called ‘Looks We Love’, the fashion brand puts the focus on denim, khaki and ruffles. Model Natasa Vojnovic poses in denim jackets, ruffled tops and distressed jeans for the fashion shoot. Paired with strappy sandals and gold flats, enjoy the pre-fall months in style.


J. Crew Ruffle Chino Jacket, New Vintage Cotton T-Shirt, Point Sur Distressed Selvedge Jean with Long Cuff and Lily Ballet Flats in Crackled LeatherJ. Crew Ruffle Chino Jacket, New Vintage Cotton T-Shirt, Point Sur Distressed Selvedge Jean with Long Cuff and Lily Ballet Flats in Crackled LeatherJ. Crew Everyday Chambray Shirt, Point Sur Distressed Selvedge Jean with Long Cuff and Lily Ballet Flats in Crackled LeatherJ. Crew Everyday Chambray Shirt, Point Sur Distressed Selvedge Jean with Long Cuffand Lily Ballet Flats in Crackled Leather
J. Crew Boy-Meets-Girl Utility Shirt and Boyfriend Chino Pant. Tretorn Canvas T56 Sneakers.J. Crew Boy-Meets-Girl Utility Shirt and Boyfriend Chino Pant. Tretorn Canvas T56 Sneakers.J. Crew Tiered Top in Mixed Stripes and Ruffle Khaki ShortJ. Crew Tiered Top in Mixed Stripes and Ruffle Khaki ShortJ. Crew One-Shoulder Ruffle Top in Stripe, Button-Front Chino Skirt, Leather Lace-Up Sandals and Betty SunglassesJ. Crew One-Shoulder Ruffle Top in Stripe, Button-Front Chino Skirt, Leather Lace-Up Sandals and Betty SunglassesJ. Crew Ruffled-Bib Top, High-Rise Denim Short in Brixton Wash and Metallic Lace-Up SandalsJ. Crew Ruffled-Bib Top, High-Rise Denim Short in Brixton Wash and Metallic Lace-Up Sandals

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Up Close with the Salvatore Ferragamo ZigZag Mini Flap Bag

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I own multiple Ferragamo bags and was really excited with the Salvatore Ferragamo collaboration with Sara Battaglia. Many of you shared my sentiments and the bag that caught my eye as well as many of yours was the Salvatore Ferragamo ZigZag Mini Flap Bag. I wanted to take another look at this bag to share with you if you are interested in it as well, because I think it’s the perfect summer bag for all of us to carry together.

After having Millie, I always have a bag in the car that has every single thing for every single situation. I didn’t intend to be that mom, but I am that mom and that emergency bag has come in handy more times than I can count. But when I’m running into a store and know that my emergency bag is accessible if needed, carrying Millie is enough weight so I don’t need a big bag. I’ve been all about my mini bags and the minute I saw this bag from Ferragamo, it was love.

First off, this bag can easily work during the day to carry your pared down essentials. And of course, this is the perfect little evening bag as well. There are plenty of mini bags out there, the reason I love this one so much is because the design is entirely different. The geometric zigzag leather patchwork brings the design to life and the color combinations are really bold. I love the zigzag leather strap (20″ drop) and most smaller bags only offer chain or skinny leather straps, but this bag sticks to its style from strap to body of the bag. This bag is incredibly usable and comfortably fits everything shown in the below photo: an iPhone, sunglasses in a cloth pouch, lipgloss, small wallet, and makeup compact.

The bag comfortably fit everything shown in the photo: my iPhone 6s (note, not the Plus, had a phone issue so only had the 6 at the time and am not sure the Plus will work well without being crammed in), the Ferragamo sunnies shown in cloth pouch, a Stila lipgoss, a small wallet, and a makeup compact. Though the bag is very tiny, it’s gusseted and expands a bit more than you may think (see side view). There is one small interior zipped pocket and a slit pocket on the back exterior. If you don’t have a larger phone, you could slide your phone in the outside slit pocket. The sunglasses take up a bit of space if you put them in the bag and even when I wear sunglasses, I typically end up putting them on my head or hang them from my shirt, so that opens up additional room for other small items.

Ferragamo Mini Flap-7

Dimensions are 5.5″ H x 6.6″ L x 2.1″ W. If you want to compare to another bag, the Chanel WOC is a bit longer but neither as wide or high. There are three colorways, including black and white, red/black, and this online exclusive green and black. 

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Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

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Yves Saint Laurent just introduced probably the boldest design of stiletto heels ever. The luxury brand released a completely unexpected new product, that got mixed reactions. The high-heeled roller skate stilettos are definitely a brave and daring product that is one of the most challenging ones so far. They are a part of the new Autumn/Winter collection of the French fashion house and are available in stores.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

Anthony Vaccarello is the new creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, appointed just last year. He is the same designer that signed on these heels. Vaccarello is known for his ultra-feminine designs and bold decisions. The shoes have a very fun design that features a heel higher than 3 inches. They have three roller skate wheels attached at the bottom, one placed on the heel, and the other two at the front of the shoe platform. Right between the front two wheels, there is a kick-stop brake. The patterns of the shoes are as fun as the design. They are reportedly called the Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller and are available in five different designs.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled StilettosYves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

This is not the first time that the luxury brand and Anthony have presented a shoe inspired by roller skates. The brand has already released roller skate hybrid sneakers that also featured wheels. That design was most certainly daring, but the heels are a whole new dimension. The rolling sneakers were sold at $1,195. The roller skate stilettos were already teased in a campaign earlier this year in February. The ad campaign itself raised a lot of controversies and was categorized as sexist. But honestly, this type of shoe doesn’t even need an advertisement.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

So the question is, are these heels wearable and safe? Even thinking about walking on high-heels makes our feet hurt, now imagine rolling on them. It doesn’t sound like the best idea, but fashion is not about comfort anymore. There probably won’t be that many brave women to wear them, but there will be a lot of brave ones to buy them.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

This daring stilettos will cost between $2,000 and $3,000, which is on the very high end of the budget. If you are a huge Saint Laurent fan that can’t resist buying the most iconic pieces, then you should definitely buy a pair.

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